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slide 741
shady border garden
slide 740
shade garden
slide 739
Alexandria patio in spring
slide 738
Lush garden nook with honeysuckle arbor
slide 686
permeable paver driveway
slide 684
Permeable paver walk
slide 682
mortared flagstone walk and stoop with brick riser
slide 680
drystream drainage and stepping stone path
slide 678
dry-laid flagstone patio
slide 676
paver driveway with stone retaining wall
slide 674
mortared flagstone walk
slide 672
erosion control, stone seat wall and dry-laid flagstone patio
slide 670
Thermal flashed flagstone steppers
slide 662
flagstone walk and stoop with brick riser
slide 658
flagstone walk, black aluminum fence and pathlights
slide 565
A brick patio
slide 563
An Old Town, Alexandria garden
slide 561
Formal terrace boxwood garden for Porto Vecchio Condominium, Alexandria VA
slide 526
mortared stone steps, railings, and stone retaining wall
slide 524
Deck and screening design
slide 522
Composite deck with screening and planter box
slide 520
Pondless waterfall, invisibly mortared dry stack walls, garden design and installation
slide 518
Flagstone and stone stoop and steps
slide 516
Hydrangeas, Plum Pudding and Caramel coral bells, autumn ferns, blue plumbagos
slide 514
formal master plan
slide 511
A small pondless waterfall
slide 506
screened cedar gazebo with skylights and fan
slide 504
screened porch, waterproofed roof below composite deck with tempered glass railing
slide 502
composite deck, metal railing with tempered glass and metal spiral staircase
slide 501
A lovely summer retreat
slide 499
New deck railings and sundek stamped concrete patio
slide 498
composite deck landing
slide 496
composite deck landing
slide 312
timber retaining wall addition, railing and grading
slide 311
ipe deck, radius steps, shed and pergola
slide 310
composite deck and screening
slide 236
slide 235
portico close-up
slide 234
stained cedar pergola and cedar deck
slide 233
cedar pergola and cedar deck
slide 221
air conditioner screen
slide 214
cedar pergola
slide 215
cedar pergola detail
slide 210
3-D trellis, lion fountain, paver patio and retaining walls
slide 205
slide 202
pergola and wisteria
slide 351
cedar deck with radius railing and inlaid bench
slide 353
air conditioner screen
slide 356
cedar fence and gate
slide 358
arbor and trash screen
slide 360
portico, stone stoop, stone steps and railings
slide 362
timber retaining wall, railings and grading
slide 364
cedar gate, fence and stone columns
slide 366
cedar gate and fence
slide 400
slide 309
pondless waterfall
slide 216
waterfall and pond
slide 376
pondless waterfall
slide 374
contemporary basalt stone fountains
slide 304
random rectangular flagstone walk and steps with brick border
slide 303
random rectangular flagstone patio with flagstone border
slide 302
random rectangular flagstone walk
slide 301
random rectangular flagstone patio, steps and capped stone seat walls
slide 300
brick seat wall
slide 299
stone walls
slide 298
flagstone steps with stone risers, retaining wall and erosion control
slide 297
stone steps
slide 296
random rectangular patio with capped stone seat wall
slide 295
Irregular flagstone patio with sedum steppables growing in joints
slide 294
woodland gravel patio
slide 293
random rectangular flagstone patio
slide 237
drystream with drainage system
slide 226
random rectangular flagstone walk and paver driveway
slide 217
invisibly mortared stone walls
slide 213
random rectangular flagstone walk, steps and stone retaining wall
slide 211
random rectangular flagstone patio and capped stone retaining wall
slide 209
formal brick patio
slide 206
irregular flagstone patio and drystack stone walls
slide 201
random rectangular stone patio, stone retaining walls and stone inlaid gas grill
slide 197
random rectangular flagstone patio
slide 196
flagstone steps with stone risers, stone pillars with flagstone caps and lights
slide 195
flagstone patio with brick border and capped brick seat wall
slide 378
concrete driveway expansion and stone retaining wall
slide 380
paver driveway and capped stone retaining walls
slide 382
stone trash screen
slide 384
stone steps and stone retaining walls
slide 386
random rectangular flagstone walk and steps
slide 388
flagstone steps with stone risers and aluminum railings
slide 390
flagstone steps with uncapped stone seat wall and stone risers
slide 392
flagstone walk and steps with stone risers
slide 394
flagstone walk and stoop with stone risers
slide 280
Red Drift roses, granite fountain and stone walls
slide 279
white peonies and autumn ferns
slide 278
statuary, hostas and white azaleas
slide 277
an english cottage garden
slide 276
bridge, drystream and drainage system
slide 316
a garden window
slide 228
a white garden
slide 203
a terraced garden with a flagstone walk and stone walls
slide 200
commercial garden with fall pansies
slide 370
moss lawns
slide 372
a new garden
slide 261
Entry design for the CTIA Building, Washington, DC
slide 259
Masterplan with paver driveway, flagstone walks, retaining walls, deck and patio
slide 257
Conceptual ideas for a formal roof-top condominium garden
slide 253
Contemporary masterplan
slide 251
Informal roof-top condomium garden with water features, benches and lighting
slide 249
Japanese garden masterplan with a labyrinth, raised koi pond and waterfall
slide 247
Townhouse garden masterplan
slide 245
Rear garden with deck, patio and seat wall
slide 243
Master plan with terraced front walls and patio with seat wall
slide 241
Front entry design
slide 239
Contemporary rear design with native plants, patio and retaining walls