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Parkside Plaza Condominium

Parkside Plaza Condominium is a 249 unit full-service building in a park-like setting in Silver Spring, MD. Working with their Landscape Committee, we developed the landscape plan (below) for a rooftop garden on top of their re-constructed and waterproofed garage, which was installed using a special light-weight soil. The residents of Parkside Plaza now have a pleasing garden entrance with two water features and year-round garden color that can be enjoyed while sitting on the benches we installed or when viewed from their balconies.

parkside plaza design

When you came to meet with the board of directors here at Parkside Plaza Condominium to discuss possibilities for a garden design to complete the renovation of our plaza, you impressed us by actually listening to our vision, community expectations and concerns and financial constraints. Others had been more interested in telling us what we should want. As the project went forward you and your team educated us regarding options, were cooperative, and kept your promises. Although it was likely that you would have to replace many plantings due to the heat, you insisted on completing the planting in July so that our community would at last have the garden it planned on after a very lengthy construction project. Our owners and residents are delighted with the result and enjoy the garden every day. One owner made a point to come to a board meeting to thank us for the garden. As he said, "it has exceeded my wildest dreams." Thanks for all you did to make that happen for our community.

Claire Maure
Board President