Pruning deciduous trees

Dec 03, 2019

          Pruning deciduous trees can improve both the look and the health of the plant. When done properly, pruning improves airflow, prevents branches from interfering with one another, and highlights Read more >

Local Gardens to Visit

Oct 09, 2019

One of the advantages of being a plant-lover living in the DC area is the easy access to a number of local gardens. Visiting gardens can be a good way Read more >

Vertical growers: Vines and espaliered plants

Sep 10, 2019

Many spaces in a garden may call for narrow, vertical growth. Whether you are trying to obscure a portion of fence, or mask an unsightly side of a shed, or Read more >

Flowers for Shade

Aug 05, 2019

While it is easy to find showy blooms for our sunny garden spots, finding color for our shadier garden spots can feel limiting. There are many great foliage plants for Read more >

Plants for screening

Jul 09, 2019

One of the most common landscaping issues is screening. Many backyards lack privacy from neighbors which can make a space feel less like your own. Some yards also have unsightly Read more >