Bulb Planting

Nov 13, 2017

Fall planting of hardy bulbs may produce beautiful spring displays of color and texture from late March until late May.  Typically in our area, bulb planting should be done between Read more >

Planting Perennials in the Fall

Nov 13, 2017

Fall is an excellent time to plant new perennials, or divide and transplant existing perennials.  Soil is warm, promoting good root growth; moisture is generally consistent and temperatures are moderate Read more >

Earth Friendly-Best Practices: following up on organic gardening practices, here is a list of items to consider to help the environment

Feb 16, 2017

  PLANT WISELY 1.  Select and use locally native plants appropriate for the site conditions when appropriate;    provide habitats for wildlife. 2.  Plant the right plant in the right place. Read more >


Jan 30, 2017

We are quick to spray our gardens and lawns with pesticides to control insects and diseases that plague our plants.  However, what are we doing to our environment when we Read more >


Dec 20, 2015

All of us have favorite plants.  Mine are dwarf conifers.  They are generally evergreen shrubs with needle like leaves that are slow growing, reaching maximum sizes that typically do not Read more >